Xbox One Media Remote Leaked Early

Amazon Canada has listed what appears to be an Xbox One Media Remote Control accessory.

The page was shiftly taken down but not before being captured by a quick finger viewer. The accessory sports the same design aesthetic as the console itself, taking on a minimalistic approach with only essential buttons included on the compact device.

Xbox One Media Remote Control

Priced at $25 USD, the media remote reportedly due out March 4th, 2014. No announcement has been made by Microsoft as yet but it’s hardly the biggest leak they’ve ever had.

How useful the device will be is debatable as there’s already plenty of options to control your Xbox One, such as your controller, via voice command and gestures with the hooked up Kinect unit, and even via the Smartglass application.

Do you own a media remote for your Xbox 360 and would you buy one for your Xbox One? Let us know what you think.