Wreck-It Ralph Trailer Released


When it comes to movies based on video games, it is generally best to prepare for the worst. Yet there still may be some hope… Disney’s new movie Wreck-It-Ralph is a homage to video games which not only references many familiar titles, but actually features iconic characters such as Bowser, Zangief and even good old Q*bert. If the latest trailer is anything to go by, then perhaps the future of the video game movies is looking pretty good!

The movie follows the tale of Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, the ‘bad guy’ in an 8-bit game alah Donkey Kong Jnr. Ralph decides that after 30 years in the arcades industry he just doesn’t want to be the villain anymore; cue many a misadventure through various video game, giving a solid nod to titles such as Call of Duty, Gears of War, Mario Kart and more.


A nod to Anya Stroud of Gears of War, in the form of Sergeant Calhoun in Hero's Duty.
A nod to Anya Stroud of Gears of War, in the form of Sergeant Calhoun in Hero's Duty.


When the game was first announced, I was certainly cynical of yet another foray into the disaster that is the video game movie. The ‘original’ nature of the content also seemed to suggest the movie would generalize on what games and gamers are. But luckily it appears that Wreck-It Ralph not only does well to reflect the video games we know and love, it also takes significant efforts to include and appropriately characterise some major IPs.

Wreck-It Ralph will be hitting theaters Nov 2, 2012.
Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

How many character cameos you can spot?

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