Win Dhalsim with Curry

On the subject of advertising and videogames, when it comes to promotions there’s one surefire way to please – freebies. Capcom and Japanese food chain CoCo Ichibanya have combined food, fighting and freebies in an unexpected but amusing way; linking Street Fighter’s Dhalsim with the restaurant’s signature dish… curry.

In order to promote the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken game, from January 17 to February 29 patrons will be placed into the draw to win Dhalsim-themed spoons and cups when they order the “Grandmother Curry” from CoCo Ichibanya stores in Japan.

According to Andriasang there will be 110,000 special-edition spoons, while the cups are a rarer prize.

Unfortunately the competition is only open to individuals living in Japan, but no doubt they will be popping up on ebay sometime soon. At a stretch you could try to pull in a favour from any Japanese friend; but they’ll probably want to keep these hot items to themselves.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be coming out in Australia March 8 for the 360 and PS3.