We Want You! Contribute To Esperino!

Here at Esperino, we’re always on the lookout for talented individuals who want to contribute.

If you have a passion for gaming, a strong command of the English language, have the time and enjoy working in a team; you could be an ideal candidate for Esperino!

Whether you want to write game reviews, write articles about video games, contribute hot tips or the latest news updates, drop us a line. Even if you’ve spotted a mistake, we want to hear from you. 🙂

So you’re asking yourself,What’s in it for me?

Successful candidates will be given the opportunity to showcase their writing talent, get recognition from their peers and the gaming community as well as the possibility of  receiving review codes to test out the latest offerings from game developers to try out the newest titles before their official release.

You will also receive your own stylish @esperino.com email address and get credited for your contribution. You may even become more appealing to the opposite sex (well maybe not that last part).

Starting out with us will also give you a chance to grow with Esperino which could potentially mean good things coming your way if you’re willing to stick out the hard yards.

Even though we are based in Australia, we’d love contribution from our international readers so don’t feel intimidated or let your location hold you back if you don’t reside in the same country.

Send your inquiries through to admin@esperino.com to express your interest and get the ball rollin’. We’d love to hear from you! The worse thing you could do for yourself is not try!

For those interested in writing video game reviews, please submit a sample review on a game (current or retro) of at least 500 words or more (No offensive language please).


  • News Contributor (highly desirable)
  • iOS App Reviewer (promo codes available to the successful candidate)
  • Reviewer (all game formats)
  • Retro Gaming Reviewer (all platforms pre-dating current gen systems)
  • Article Writer
  • IT ‘Hot Shot‘ Specialist