WATCH_DOGS Vigilante Edition Unboxing Video

Ubisoft have released an unboxing video for WATCH_DOGS Vigilante Edition.

The video is a digital unboxing but it gives you a nice virtual representation of all the included extras in this edition. Naturally there are the physical extras which includes Aiden Pearce’s cap and trademark mask from the game, plus a copy of WATCH_DOGS and a physical soundtrack.

Watch_Dogs Vigilante Edition Unboxing Video

There’s also digital content including in-game boosts for investigation opportunities and cash rewards from hacking ATMs. There’s also the bonus Palace Pack, where Aiden must infiltrate the home of an internet mogul to delete information on his identity before a police raid takes place. Tense stuff.

Some collectors like to display their favourite editions and this one is going to be a perfect one to put out on the shelf. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean.

The WATCH_DOGS Vigilante Edition is exclusive to Australia, Europe, the Middle-East and Asia so if you may want to nab this one while you can as it could be harder to find down the track.