Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Release Trailer

Square Enix have released a new trailer showing of the musical gameplay you can expect from their newly released 3DS title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

This music-based Final Fantasy game has just come out on the Nintendo 3DS but to ensure you do not miss your cue, Square Enix have a new release trailer showing off their cute characters and magnificent music. Theatrhythm has a similar plot to that of the PSP title Dissidia Final Fantasy, following the events of the gods of Cosmos and Chaos. This time however we have the added ‘insight’ of a rhythm crystal created from the space between the two gods. In order to return the world to normal, the characters of Final Fantasy must band together to increase the rythym wave ‘Rythmia’ and harness its magical powers. Long stort short, use the music; fix the world.

There’s little more to say than sit back, relax and enjoy the adorable imagery and dolce sounds of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS: