The Walking Dead First-Person Shooter Announced

Activision and Terminal Reality have teamed up to announce an all new first-person shooter based on the the award-winning TV series The Walking Dead. Players will get to experience the initial zombie-outbreak, as they step into the shoes of Daryl Dixon and his brother Merle for some cross-bow wielding, undead-destroying action.

“The work AMC has done with the TV series has been amazing and we’re ecstatic at the opportunity to be brought into the fold,” said Drew Haworth Creative Director at Terminal Reality.  “The studio is made up of fans of the show, and we think other fans will see that the situations and walkers featured in our game are every bit as gruesome and shocking as they are in the TV series — they look, move and react as expected with full authenticity — and they will surprise you.  The player’s fight-or-flight survival instinct is constantly engaged.  ‘Flight’ is usually a good bet.”

Just like in the TV series it doesn’t take much to gain the attention of a horde of walkers, so when it comes to your brains it’s a matter of ‘use it or lose it’. The game promises a heart-stopping zombie experience, with the undead hunting players through sight, sound and smell; you will have to be on your guard, assessing every situation to decide when to sneak past, when to fight and when to get the heck out of there. You will also have to be mindful of your rations, with resources such as food, medical supplies and ammunition being scarce, yet key to your survival. To top is all off (as if that wasn’t enough to think about while trying to survive) your choices will also affect which other characters – be they helpful or hindering – join Daryl and his brother on their harrowing journey.

“Activision and Terminal Reality are working to deliver a powerful combination of a deep, engrossing story with intense action,” said Charlie Collier, AMC’s president.  “Daryl is such a unique and complex character and we’re excited to offer fans the opportunity to experience this new video game.”

The Walking Dead game is set for release in 2013 on 360, PS3 and PC. To keep up-to-date with the latest walker news, head on over to or check out the official facebook page.