The Order: 1886 Collector’s Edition Potential Statues

PlayStation MVP members were given special privy to what could become a collectible statue in a yet-to-be-announced collector’s edition for The Order: 1886.

Three potentital designs are currently under consideration, with the most popular choice most likely going into production. You’ll have to use your imagination a little as each statue is in its pre-production, single colour stage with the word ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ scribed over the top.

The Order 1886 Leaked Statue

The Order 1886 Leaked Statue

The Order 1886 Leaked Statue

My favourite would have to be Galahad hiding behind a low-rise wall, purely as it ties in nicely with the The Order: 1886 gameplay, not to mention how detailed it is.

Let us know which is your favourite and if the inclusion of one of these statues would sway you to shell out extra mulla for a limited edition release.

Thanks, NeoGAF