The Last of Us Confirmed for 2013

Naughty Dog fans will have to wait until next year to experience The Last of Us, the latest post-apocalyptic adventure from the Uncharted series developer.

While being interviewed on Jimmy Fallon, the developer confirmed The Last of Us will not make it in time for the 2012 release window, pushed out to 2013 with no date revealed at this time. This is the first time Naughty Dog have talked openly about a release date so although this isn’t exactly a delay as such, fans hoping to see it in 2012 may be left disappointed.

The Last of Us Confirmed for 2013
The Last of Us is set in the near-future where the world has been decimated by an epidemic reducing the population to a pocket of survivors. Cities transformed by overgrowing nature where humans turn on each other for survival. The two main protagonists Joel, and Ellie must use their wits and band together to survive across the United States in search for salvation.

Watch Sony’s E3 presentation for The Last of Us below:

Another title falls into the 2013 release window, making for one jam-packed year of gaming next year.