The King of Fighters XIII Soundtrack Trailer; The King of Soundtracks

The King of Fighters XIII is quickly becoming my favourite King of Fighters from the series. Yes it does bring new refinements to gameplay, more characters and just about cleans up the mess that The King of Fighters XII made.

All of these things are great and all, but What makes me gush over the latest King of Fighters is the bonus King of Soundtrack included 4-CD set included with it!

Available in North America courtesy of Atlus and Europe thanks to Rising Star Games, everyone and anyone across the globe will be able to access the rich soundtrack history. Only available with early purchases and once stocks last, the music compilation spans 15+ years of gaming tunes that will struck a chord with any true KOF fan.

I can’t imagine a better way to celebrate The King of Fighters XIII launch than to pop on some familiar melodies as you prepare yourself for battle. To get a sneak peek into what you can expect, check out the soundtrack trailer:

The King of Fighters XIII will be available across the globe in late November 2011.