The King of Fighters XIII 4-CD Preorder Soundtrack Confirmed For PAL Market

A little while back, Atlus came out with news that The King of Fighters XIII pre-orders would come with a bonus limited edition 4-CD Soundtrack collection.

I pondered at that time whether or not the PAL market would also be getting the same treatment. Fortunately, Rising Star Games have taken to the task and confirmed today that The King of Fighters XIII will indeed come with a limited edition 4-CD soundtrack.

The music comes from the history of The King of Fighters. If you’ve been a fan of the series since its beginning back in 1994, you’ll be well aware of the awesome music that each title has bought with it over the years.

Rising Star Games have yet to provide a promotional shot of the Preorder Soundtrack bonus, however should look more-or-less much like what Atlus will be distributing for the North American market.

Not only do you get the limited edition 4-CD soundtrack in the pre-order package, but you’ll also receive the game disc, double sided A3 poster (artwork on one side, move list on the reverse), digital art disc, reversible sleeves (design specific to format).

Improving on the previous revamp, The King of Fighters XIII injects over 30 characters to choose from, as well as concludes the Ash Saga storyline. Other enhancements include refinements to the gameplay, a new NEO MAX super special move, faster combat and further refined visuals and in-game camera.

The King of Fighters XIII will be available in PAL territories from November 2011, thanks to the fine folks at Rising Star Games. Look out for pre-order announcements in the coming weeks and months.