The Cursed Crusade Epic Gameplay Trailer; Brutal Action Cinematics

A new trailer for the upcoming third-person action adventure, The Cursed Crusade has emerged in brutally violent form. In the works by Kylotonn Games and Mastertronic with publishing rights to Atlus (North America) and dtp entertainment AG (Europe).

The Cursed Crusade takes players on an epic adventure, packed with cinematic fight scenes and action-charged gameplay for even the most hardened of gamers.

The all-new trailer provides more clues to the game’s plot, more battles and cinematics to stimulate your senses. Find out more about the central character Denz de Bayle as his story slowly begins to unravel.

Set in the 12th Century, the medieval flavour will appeal to a variety of gamers from RPG fanatics to action-adventure seekers.

The story tells of a ritual performed by the Order of Templars who unleash a terrifying new power on the world at the end of the 12th Century. The Pope in turns sends out the Fourth Crusade to conquer the holy city of Constantinople.


Players play Templar Denz de Bayle who joins the Crusade to find his lost father of the previous Crusade. Things are never quite as it seems with the mystery of his father’s whereabouts unfolding as Denz travels across Europe and the Orient on a quest moving ever closer to the truth.

“In this new trailer we’re really starting to see what The Cursed Crusade is all about. This title has everything you need from an action-adventure game, great cinematics, enthralling storyline, a huge variety of weapons, co-op gameplay and spectacular fatalities. The Cursed Crusade is set to be massive and the latest trailer is just a taste of what’s to come.” said Product Director Neil McKenna of Mastertonics, offering an insight of what to expect.

See what Neil McKenna is talking about with the new trailer below:

The Cursed Crusade is scheduled for a 2011 release in the UK, with no firm release date given as yet. Experience the adventure on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC when it journeys across your region. Find out more on what The Cursed Crusade is all about at the official website,