Tekken Hybrid Namco Arcade Fightstick Tournament Edition (S) Hands-On Trailer

A couple weeks back at Esperino we bought news of the Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition with Arcade Fightstick: Tournament Edition (S). If you’re undecided on whether or not this pack is for you, you may want to check out the hands-on walkthrough with Namco Bandai staff FilthieRich. See the run down after the jump.

FilthieRich has number 0001 / 1000 in his hand so I guess you can rule that number out if you were gunning for it when you order your copy. I’d love to get my hands on it, if only the ClubNamco Online Store shipped outside of North America. 🙁

[UPDATE]: Good news! Turns out the 0001 model shown in the demo was just a sample so someone out there will have their hands on the 0001 / 1000 model when the Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition makes it to some lucky gamer’s home. Thanks for the update Rich!

The Tekken Hybrid Extreme Edition is still available to buy but don’t expect them to be there for that much longer. They have been a popular choice for those who were going to buy Tekken Hybrid anyways, so make sure you pre-order right this instant if this is a must have for you for 2011.