Tearaway Pre-order Bonus ‘Special Delivery’, ‘Jukebox’ Pack & Iota Sackboy Keyring Announced

Tearaway, the PS Vita title by LittleBigPlanet developer Media Molecule is coming with pre-order extras to decorate and add more paper tearing fun to the colourful adventure.

Pre-order through participating retailers and you’ll receive a Jukebox Pack and/or a Special Delivery Pack, each pack loaded with different treasure:

Tearaway Jukebox Pack

The Jukebox Pack contains:

  • Splendiferous iota and atoi Avatars for use on the PlayStation Network
  • Resplendent PlayStation Vita wallpaper
  • Audiolicious Tearaway soundtrack with bonus track

Tearaway Special Delivery Pack

The Special Delivery Pack includes:

  • Oppulent iota and atoi costumes for LittleBigPlanet
  • Exclusive skin for the in-game rideable pig, and printable papercraft plan to match

The in-game rideable pig is going to be a hot item. Who wouldn’t love cruising around on their own piggy?

These bonuses will be available in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe however depending on retailers, you may get one or both.

In Australia we’re quite fortunate as we’ll be getting botht he Jukebox and Special Delivery Pack, PLUS! an Iota Sackboy Keyring!

Tearaway Pre-order Bonus 'Special Delivery', 'Jukebox' Pack & Iota Sackboy Keyring Announced

Pre-order bonus will be available through EB Games and JB Hi-Fi in Australia.

Tearaway is a buddy-movie action adventure in a living papery world, which you’ll go on with your new friend – a plucky messenger who has a unique message to deliver – to you! Check out the video below to hear lead designer Rex Crowle talk about the origins of the papery world of Tearaway.

Tearaway will be available in both physical and digital format (via PSN Store) on October 23rd, 2013.

EB Games Australia – Tearaway with BONUS DLC Packs and Keyring (PS Vita – $38)

JB Hi-Fi – Tearaway with BONUS DLC Packs and Keyring (PS Vita – $37.99)