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Squids: Wild West Review

Squids returns with a whole new look and a whole new darn tootin’ feel, with Squids: Wild West. The Game Bakers have revamped your nimble and tough squids to take on the black ooze which is infesting all of the ocean’s creatures. Their only hope is to find a lost companion who can assist them in fighting off the evil presence.

Squids: Wild West Review

Developer: The Game Bakers
Publisher: Apple
Platform: iOS
Players: Single-Player
Genre: Turn-Based RPG
Release: June 27th 2012
Release Price: $0.99

The game has a very enjoyable, charming storyline and feels as though a lot of effort has been put into engaging the player in the game without having to rely solely on its combat elements. The characters are delightful and can be admired greatly for each of their unique attitudes and personal traits, making the connection with your arsenal of squids much more satisfying. The storyline spans over a massive 40 missions and features 12 distinctive characters which have individual skills, making each unique squid in the right situation essential to vanquishing the enemy team.

Squids: Wild West Review

It has similar game mechanics to the original title Squids, where each character has a different class and can be used in different scenarios to effectively remove all the infected enemies. The available classes include a shooter, scout, trooper and healer. Each can be guided and controlled through the levels with a pull of their tentacles – simple drag and release to fire them hurtling towards the enemies. The RPG element mixes in seamlessly with a billiard type mechanic where damage is inflicted based on the ferocity of the knock, knock multiple enemies to earn more pearls!

Oh, pearls, didn’t I mention? Pearls are your gateway to the good life, collecting them allows you to purchase new hats, items and outfits from the in-game shop. Purchasing items from the shop can get you out of a pinch by reviving fallen squids or help you make the most of your rampage by earning more pearls, plus much, much more! New clothing for your characters can greatly increase any of the character’s statistics, such as their health, stamina, power, etc. for the entire duration of the game.

Squids: Wild West Review

Your team can be constantly switched up, and all take a vital role in overcoming difficult scenarios, this is especially important when trying to earn the maximum stars for all levels. The star system rates how well you have completed each mission, earn stars by completing the objective within a certain amount of turns, surviving the level with all your squids intact, and also finding the secret star hidden somewhere on the map. If you wish to truly show off your skills and impress, I’d recommend collecting every star for every level, now that IS a challenge! As easy as the game is to pick up, it can become a real test if the correct approach is not taken, which is why I believe that the game becomes so addictive.

Squids: Wild West is a brilliant revamp on an already popular iOS game. Its predecessor successfully engaged players with its unique game style and its cute cast of characters. This sequel adds much more to the original, and engages the player despite being similar to the previous release. I’ve been thinking hard about why I shouldn’t give this game a 10/10, surely there must be faults? Well, I genuinely can’t think of anything. The mechanic is concrete, the art is beautiful and varied, the sound is enjoyable and never becomes boring. There are plenty of levels with even more to come, even the intro screen looks great! It’s actually the best damn iOS game I’ve played in a long time, so therefore I think it’s more than worthy of its place as one of the best RPG games on sale at this present time, and even the download and rating statistics prove that.

Squids: Wild West Review


10 – Brilliant. Perfect in its design and brilliant in its execution, it captures the heart and goes well above and beyond any expectations. People will be playing this for generations to come.

Squids: Wild West is currently available on iTunes at a reduced price of $0.99 (normal price $1.99). No indication as to how long it’ll be discounted so snap it up before it returns to full price. If you want to experience the original Squids, it’s available via iTunes for $1.99.