Square Enix to Donate 100 Million Yen to Japan Disaster Relief

The good people at Square Enix will be donating 100 million yen to the Japanese Red Cross disaster relief efforts.

Approximately $1,264,000 USD going by the current conversion rate, the funds will be used to support those hit hardest by the effects of the tsunami and earthquake in recent days.

TAITO Corporation (wholly owned by Square Enix) will also be setting up donation collection points at TAITO Station arcades throughout Japan to make donation to a worthy cause that much easier.

To encourage involvement and donation, there will also be special charity items on offer for all TAITO‘s Japanese social games with 100% of the profits being donated.

Fantastic to see the makers of Final Fantasy digging deep and  setting such a fine example. Hopefully we’ll see more companies and corporation open up their pockets.

[SOURCE]: Square Enix Holding Statement

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