Square Enix Imaginary Range Downloaded 300,000 Times; Android Version Coming

Square Enix reported today via the Square Enix blog their hybrid comic game Imaginary Range has been downloaded 300,000 times. Imaginary Range was released on May 5th and has remained free to download ever since.

To celebrate the 300,000 download achievement, Square Enix have began working on an Android port which should be available shortly.

Designed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Imaginary Range blends together comic book styling with gameplay for an interactive storybook experience. As you progress through the comic book panels, you’ll be able to view story cutscenes playing various mini-games throughout each page.

Imaginary Range Screenshot
Players follow Cid and Ciela as they embark on an adventure to defeat the mysterious Omega. Cid and Ciela will have the ability to jump between reality and the world of dreams solving puzzles along the way.

Upon completion, you’ll unlock yourself comic commentary with the option to play the game portions you like best. Coins earned in the game are used to  unlock new entries in Gallery mode.

Imaginary Range was supervised by (Producer of FINAL FANTASY XIII and FINAL FANTASY XIII-2), with artwork by Toshiyuki Itahana (FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES) and a story by Souki Tsukishima so you can expect a unique, quality gaming experience.

You can download Imaginary Range from the Apple iTunes store here.

[SOURCE]: Imaginary Range hits 300,000 downloads