Sponsored Video: The PlayStation Plus Experience

For PlayStation 3 owners, the idea of paying a subscription for a premium service isn’t something we’re accustom to. In recent months, Sony have worked hard to deliver gamers a service that’s both worthwhile and value for money, and it looks as if they’ve managed to find a nice balance.


Each month, PlayStation Plus subscribers are treated to top-rated games to add to their Instant Game Collection which remains accessible at any time, provided you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus. There’s been a solid assortment of titles offered over the months, and at a fraction of the cost of paying retail for a single title, the investment is well worth the cost for the trophy hunting enthusiast, or those that just want to play more games at less of a cost to their hip pocket.

Stand-out titles for me have included United Front Games’ Sleeping Dogs and the mind-blowing XCOM: Enemy Unknown by Firaxis, both of which I finished and became immensely involved with, so you can imagine the calibre of titles on offer each month will have something to entertain everybody, no matter what your taste.


If you’re like me and also own a PlayStation Vita, you’ll also receive the perks of PlayStation Plus on your handheld Sony device. Critically acclaimed hits such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale have all been free to play via digital download to your storage device, of which many of these titles have continued to stay free for many months you do missed out adding the full games to your collection the first time around.

Add-ons, themes, avatars and plenty of digital content are discounted on a regular basis, exclusively offered to PlayStation Plus members. Naturally some of the offerings are better than others, but certain themes really complement the XMB Dashboard nicely.

To save your own console storage space, cloud storage services are open to members, allowing for each backing-up and restoring of saved game files. It isn’t necessarily loads of storage space being saved, but it does help to make data management easier, plus the added peace of mind should your PlayStation 3 ever run into any trouble, your saved files are still safe and sound.


In addition to full game access, demos of the hottest new titles are available first to PlayStation Plus subscribers, in some cases gaining access months ahead of the game’s official launch date.

With the imminent arrival of the PlayStation 4, you’ll be pleased to hear your PlayStation Plus subscription will also carry over from your PlayStation 3 into the new device, so there’s no reason not to subscribe early, even if you are in anticipation of the new console.

To get started, you can purchase PlayStation Plus membership directly from the PlayStation Store via your XMB Dashboard. Once you’ve become a registered member, you’ll notice a shiny new PlayStation Plus icon added next to your avatar on your PlayStation 3, and also on your profile screen on your PS Vita.

I was skeptical at first, but after trying PlayStation Plus for myself, it’s a service that gives back more in return. The sheer amount of available content each month ensures there’s something fresh and new to experience. If you’re already a subscriber, let me know what you think of the service.

If you’re still tethering on whether or not to sign up, perhaps this short video might provide some motivation:

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