Special Limited Edition Mario Red Nintendo DS Lite

‘ERE WE GO! Nintendo‘s DS console is no stranger to impressive sales, holding the title of the number 1 selling console for quite awhile now. With the Nintendo 3DS just around the corner, today at Esperino we’ll be taking a look back at the Special Limited Edition Mario Red DS Bundle.

Packaged in a large matte finish box with Mario printed on both sides. Colourful with lots of eye-catching detail, the Special Limited Edition Mario DS Bundle was a hot favourite amongst gamers and collectors. Given most people will only ever own one Nintendo DS console, why not a Mario Red one right? 😀

The Nintendo DS console is an all-over bright red colour, made to match Mario‘s colours that we’ve all grown accustomed to. The top right bottom corner is emblazoned with an “M”, just like his trademark hat. Glossy on the outside with a matte finish on the inside like all DS Lite consoles for its time.

Bundle comes packed with one of the best Nintendo DS games out there, New Super Mario Bros. so you can jump & stomp on enemies in stylish crimson.

The console comes with a red stylus included in the unit but a spare is also provided. Pretty decent of Nintendo to do that given how easy it is to lose these things.

AC adapter comes packed with it (as you would expect) along with the standard documentation included with all Nintendo DS consoles – Health & Safety Precaution Booklet, Manual and Product Brochure.

The Special Limited Edition Mario Red DS Bundle has been discontinued for quite some time now. Given this console is all about everyone’s favourite plumber, it will most likely rise in value over the years.

Very few stores will still have this bundle in stock and with the impeding arrival of the Nintendo 3DS, most retailers will be aiming to clear them out making it a prime time to pick up this collectible.

Contents: Nintendo DS Lite Mario Red Console (Model No. USG-001) with Rechargeable Battery Pack (included), AC Adapter, Red Nintendo DS Limite Stylus (one in console, one spare), New Super Mario Bros DS Game, Nintendo DS Lite User Manual, Product Brochure, Health & Safety Precautions Booklet, Cardboard Housing, Special Limited Edition Mario Red DS Packaging.

  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Platform: Nintendo DS Lite
  • Colour: Mario Red
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) June 24 2009 (approx.), (NA) November 28 2008
  • Release Price: (AUS) $299.95 RRP