Sonic Adventures 2 HD Remake Announced

It’s not often that a remake is confirmed before any rumours are even muttered, so who else but the hedgehog could rush in with the surprise announcement that Sonic Adventures 2 is getting the HD treatment. The official reveal took place at the Sega “Sonic Boom” event during the San Diego Comic-Con, with fans cheering in excitement at the news. 

This latest announcement continues the trend of remakes for beloved Sega Dreamcast titles, with classics Nights Into Dreams and Jet Set Radio both recently being confirmed to be receiving the HD treatment. Sonic Adventures 2 was first released back in 2001 on the Dreamcast, introducing both Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat for the very first time in the gaming franchise. Following the fall of the ill-fate console, the game was also released on the Nintedo Gamecube to great success.

At this stage Sega have yet to reveal any details on the HD remake, however an accidental listing of the title on indicated a release on XBLA in October 2012. The listing suggested the game will be offline only for 1-2 players, and also included a screenshot that featured the visual prompt for a playstation button, meaning the game is also likely to be making its way to the PSN.

Screengrabs capturing the leaked content have been uploaded by user Kokonoe on the Neogaf forums. Also if you are lamenting having missed out on Sonic Boom, you can check out the fan-captured video of the official Sonic Adventures 2 HD reveal below:

Source: EuroGamer