Snake Returns to New Nokia 3310

The original and one of the best.

The Nokia 3310 is getting a re-release, but what’s a 3310 without the 90’s cult classic Snake!


HMD, the new owners of the Nokia brand will be releasing a new version of the mobile game, Snake for Messenger as part of Facebook’s instant games.

Available to download from today, Snake has been re-designed to be played with groups of friends, while keeping that simplistic charm that so many people spent hours upon hours playing back in the day.

In keeping with the original game, the snake will move around the screen eating apples and bugs to score points. The more the snake eats, the longer it grows, making it extra challenging to control if you want to keep a high score chain going. There are six levels to play, each with a different layout and snake skin.



Gamers can choose from three speeds, the higher the speed, the higher the score. In addition, friends can see who has the highest score on the leaderboard adding an element of friendly competition.

More information on the new Snake game and the Nokia 3310 can be found here: