Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set (EU)

Today Esperino flashes back to the PlayStation 2 era of gaming, taking a look at the Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set. Developed by Team Silent and published by Konami, the Silent Hill series is a long-running third-person survival horror that takes players into the eerie town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set was an exclusive to Europe, as well as being available via import in PAL territories. The Special 2 Disc Set comprises of 2 discs as the name suggests, the first being a copy of the Silent Hill 2 game disc and the second a documentary, ‘The Making of Silent Hill 2’ on DVD format.

The Making of documentary DVD was produced by Fun-TV France and features 4 documentary sections with interviews with key directors and designers, trailers, an art gallery and biographies. It also contains two ‘secret’ videos featuring a Silent Hill France Press Event and a Castlevania Chronicles Director’s Interview.

Discs are housed in a special Silent Hill 2 tri-fold digipak made from cardboard with special plastic slots for each disc. The digipak features digital art of the main characters from Silent Hill 2 and an insert for holding the Silent Hill 2 game manual and a couple of extras.

An exclusive collectible Silent Hill themed sticker is included with the Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set. Four possible designs were available with purchasers randomly receiving one sticker in their special edition package.

First time purchasers of the Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set also received a Konami Competition Postcard they could send in for a chance to win prizes (the postcard is not shown in the images below).

Everything comes packed in a special outer cardboard slip case with a predominantly black design and a glossy coating along the bottom edge.

Long sold out, the Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set isn’t particularly difficult to get a hold of however finding one in mint condition may prove to be the real challenge. The outer cardboard slip case is fragile and prone to bends and gentle wear.

Locating a copy with a Konami Competition Postcard and Collectible Sticker still intact is something to keep an eye out for, as these two items are usually missing when sold on the after market.

The Silent Hill 2 Special 2 Disc Set is a beautifully presented package capturing the design and feel of the Silent Hill series. Getting an insight into the development process along with interviews with the producers and designers is more than worth the extra price tag.

Contents: Silent Hill 2 Game Disc, ‘The Making of Silent Hill 2’ DVD Disc, Game Manual, Collectible Sticker (One of Four Available Designs), Konami Competition Postcard (Not Shown), Tri-Fold Digi-Pak Packaging, Outer Cardboard Slip Case

  • Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
  • Publisher: Konami
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
  • Genre(s): Survival Horror
  • Release Date(s): (EU) November 23rd 2001 (Europe Only Release)
  • Release Price: N/A