Samurai Warriors 4-II Limited Edition Now Comes with a Wall Scroll & DLC

NIS Amerca have updated their Samurai Warriors 4-II Limited Edition to now include a wall scroll.

Previously announced, the bundle retails for US$64.99 (excl. shipping) and comes with a copy of the game, an 80-page art book, 13-track CD soundtrack in a collector’s box.


Now for the same price, you’ll also score yourself a Samurai Warriors 4-II wall scroll to decorate your wall with.


Sure, it isn’t anything overly fancy but who turns down freebies. If you already pre-ordered, you’ll automatically get the wall scroll on release. If you haven’t, here’s a bit of an incentive to do so.

All pre-orders will also receive a set of four bonus costumes for Naotora Li, Lady Hayakawa, No-hime, and Koshosho.

You can place a pre-order for the Samurai Warriors 4-II Limited Edition via the link here: