Saints Row Super Shift Decker Blue Custom Sneakers Available for Pre-Order


THQ in conjunction with Heyday Footwear have created a new pair of The Deckers custom sneakers. Pre-order are currently open via the Heyday Footwear online store.

The Saints Row: The Third inspired limited Deckers feature electric blue python leather, black patent leather, a reversible strap with the Decker logo and a pink/blue star on the tongue. These are a limited run but details on how many pairs are going to be made are not available.

If you aren’t a fan of The Deckers, you can still pick up the original limited Saints purple Super Shift sneakers however you are limited in available sizes. The purple variants are limited to 150 pairs through Heyday Footwear so they won’t be around for long.

Nothing like a pair of custom kicks to show your loyalty to the Saints Row brand. Purple or blue?

See how The Deckers Super Shift came to be with a behind-the-scenes look with Chief Everything Officer Darin Hager:

[SOURCE]: Saints Row Super Shift | Deckers Blue Python

[SOURCE]: Saints Row Super Shift | Saints Purple Python

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