Saints Row IV Presidential Edition with Replica Uncle Sam Hat; EB Exclusive

EB Games have put together the Saints Row IV Presidential Edition that comes with a replica Uncle Sam Hat among other goodies.

Saints Row IV Presidential Edition with Replica Uncle Sam Hat; EB Exclusive

Exclusive to EB Games Australia, the Presidential Edition comes with:

  • Commander in Chief Edition: Saints Row IV plus some incredible dlc.
    • To help you combat the alien terrorists you will encounter, the Commander in Chief Edition comes fully loaded with a Screaming Eagle Jet Fighter that fires rockets out of its talons and can invoke the “Sonic Scream” attack, leaving your enemies dazed, confused and likely scarred for life.
    • Additionally, if you’re going to save the world you should look good while doing it, which is why the Commander in Chief gives you a limited edition iconic ‘Uncle Sam’ outfit decked out in patriotic red, white and blue stars and stripes!
    • And since you need the best fighting tools available [read: most ridiculously overpowered weapons ever conceived], Volition and Deep Silver are giving you a stimulus package; the ‘Merica Gun, replete with mini-guns, flame-throwers, machine guns and rocket launchers will provide the incredibly astonishing fire-power you know you deserve.
  • ‘Saints Glory’ flag: a polyester 1000 x 500mm replica of the Saints flag.
  • Uncle Sam hat: a full size replica of the hat in the Uncle Sam Suit dlc included in the Commander in Chief Edition of Saints Row IV.
  • Presidential Box: a custom box containing all the Presidential Edition goodies, printed with the Saints own Presidential Seal of Office.

The stand-outs are clearly the replica Uncle Sam Hat, Saints Glory flag and special Presidential Box packaging that isn’t available anywhere else, in any other edition.

Although the retailer is yet to announce the “The Super Dangerous” Wub Wub Collector’s Edition, the Presidential Edition is a dub step in the right direction replacing the standard edition of the game.

If you’ve already pre-order Saints Row IV, you’ll automatically get upgraded to the Presidential Edition release.

Saints Row IV Presidential Edition is priced at $88 AUD for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, with the PC version TBA at the moment. Orders can be placed via the link below.

Saints Row IV launches across Australia August 22nd, 2013.

EB Games Australia – Saints Row IV Presidential Edition (Xbox 360, PS3 – $88 AUD) (PC – TBA)