RUMOUR: Zone of the Enders Coming to Nintendo 3DS?

Updated virtually hours ago, Hideo Kojima has tweeted a rather cryptic message for Zone of the Enders fans.

Sharing a picture from the desk of Takahiro Omori in the Kojima Productions office has sparked rumours of a Z.O.E title heading to the Nintendo 3DS.

Kojima askes the question, “What’s this?”

The picture in question is shown below, featuring a figurine from Z.O.E with the words ‘Z.O.E 3DS’ clearly visible in the background.

Could this be a Zone of the Enders title currently in the works? Or perhaps a concept long forgotten? Or maybe it is nothing at all and really reads ‘Z.O.E 3DZ’.

Whatever it is, all I can say is that is a nice Z.O.E figurine. 🙂

[SOURCE]: Mysterious Tweet From Kojima Causes ZOE 3DS Speculation

[SOURCE]: Hideo Kojima Tweet