Rumour: Will there be a Fallout TV Series?

It doesn’t take much to strike up a rumour online, but when companies apply for intriguing trademarks there’s even more excitement in the speculation. In the latest murmurs from the internet, it appears that Bethesda Software have applied for a trademark on a Fallout television series. Does this mean they’re looking to start a show, or are they simply covering their creative bases?

The Fallout series has gained many fans over its long years; from its origins as a spiritual successor to Wasteland in 1997 through to its aquisition by Bethesda and revival in 2008, the fans just can’t get enough of its post-apocalyptic wastelands with a splash of retro-futuristic flare. Now it appears that the folk at Bethesda want to keep an eye on potential expansions beyond the gaming realm; online records indicate that Bethesda applied with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on January 8th, 2013 under the Fallout title for an: “Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world”.

There is no doubt potential for a television series given the games’ significant following and with other studios stepping up to do the same (such as the Halo Forward Unto Dawn machinima) we could very well be watching wasteland wanderers some time soon. While at this stage there has been no public announcements by Bethesda on the matter, the trademark coupled with the recent tweet by Erik Todd Dellums (the voice of DJ ThreeDogs) certainly fires up the imagination.

Yet despite the exciting signs, it is possible that the studio is not looking to create a series, but rather protect their IP from similarly-themed shows. The fan-made ‘Fallout: Nuka Break‘ series for example has been hugely popular, and trademarking a wasteland-based series could perhaps provide back up for an legal matters. Then again, to attack such fervent and skillful fans would be no doubt be counterproductive; if we once again look towards an optimistic (and awesomistic) point of view, then employing such feverent fans in an official series would be a whole new level of excellent on the studios behalf.

Alas, for now all we can do is speculate. What do you guys think (or hope) is in store for the future of Fallout TV?


Source: Eurogamer