E3 2011: Rumour: Could Sony NGP Be Called PlayStation Vita Officially?

According to Gaming Union, the latest rumour to come out of Sony is the much publicized Sony Next Generation Portable (abbreviated to NGP) could be officially called PlayStation Vita.

Sony NGP Official Name PlayStation Vita
Vita is ‘life’ in Italian which would make sense given the new features NGP will be sporting from social connectivity to cloud gaming.

Sony has been known to have some interesting names for their products and services so PlayStation Vita is a very strong possibility.

PSVita.com has also been registered by NetNames Ltd, which is also the technical branch for PSP.com that was registered bo Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Digital Trends reports PlayStation Vita is just a codename for NGP. Eyes will be on Sony at E3 to shed some light on this interesting name.

Personally I don’t like the PlayStation Vita name very much, but then again who would have thought ‘Walkman’ for a music player or ‘iPod’ would have stuck.

[SOURCE]: Rumour: NGP Official Name Is PlayStation Vita