Razer Advent Calendar: Special Deals & a Big Prize

Remember the long-lost fun of running to your Advent Calendar every morning to see what gift you got next? Or did you, like me, forget for a couple of weeks then gorge on terrible Calendar-chocolates? Alas, these days it’s not quite the same; unless you find yourself with an amazing Lego Calendar, it’s hard to get excited as the days for shopping grow shorter and the chaos draws near.

Well fear not my friend, Razer have heard our sighs of despair and brought to us the Razer Advent Calendar! Every day you visit not only gives you a unique 24 hour deal, but also puts you into the draw to win the Ultimate Razer Advent Suite which includes over US$500 of awesome stuff.

Each day in the lead up to Christmas Razer will be offering never-to-be-repeated store specials and swag offerings. Then once that 24 hours is up the special is gone forever. Some examples of what’s been so far happening are:

  • Free shirt with MMO product orders,
  • Free shipping with purchases over $100
  • An special giveaway of a Razer Naga Epic Mouse (Anyone who logged in was in the draw!)

All you have to do is log in to see the day’s special; you don’t actually have to buy anything if you don’t want it, but I’m betting the deals are just going to get better and more tempting. Then for every day you visit out the Advent Calendar deal, you give yourself another chance to win this epic pack.

The Ultimate Razer Advent Suite includes the Razer Mamba gaming mouse, Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Edition gaming keyboard, Razer Ironclad gaming mouse mat, Razer Megalodon PC gaming headset, Razer L33T Pack and Razer Keyboard bag.

To check out the Razer Advent Calendar and grab yourself some cool deals and a chance to win the Ultimate Razer Advent Suite (and possible more for day-specials) head on over to: