Quarrel iOS Nominated For BAFTA

When you think word games, it doesn’t bring to mind a game that would potentially win awards of BAFTA caliber, but that is exactly what UTV Ignition Games have managed with a nomination for Quarrel on iOS.

Named in the GAME British Academy Video Games Award for 2012 in the “Mobile & Handheld” category as one of the best games out there.

Quarrel Screenshot
With already worldwide acclaim, the style and flair approach of Quarrel has seen it loved and accepted by those that wouldn’t normally sit down to a game that stimulates the mind.

Quarrel has already won the Best Game category for the British Academy Scotland Awards 2011 (Scottish BAFTA), and was released on Xbox LIVE Arcade this January, in which we reviewed on Esperino.

For the uninitiated, Quarrel pits players against each other on a quest for overall dominance using nothing more than eight-letter anagrams to outwit your opponents with the highest score. Verse others or challenge the AI in multiple gameplay from Quick Match, Make Match, Domination to the global Daily Challenge.

The GAME British Academy Video Games Awards will take place on Friday March 16th at the London Hilton if you want to see who takes home the coveted prize. You can download Quarrel for free at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quarrel/id452995099?mt=8, or pick up Quarrel Deluxe on iOS at http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/quarrel-deluxe/id453203047?mt=8