Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 1 ‘Songs To Test By’ Available For FREE!

Valve being the generous bunch that they are have released Portal 2 Soundtrack Volume 1 for free. The soundtrack is titled ‘Songs To Test By‘ and comes with its own soundtrack cover, smexy.

Portal 2 Album Cover Songs To Test By
This is the first volume in a set of three available with the other two to be released at a later date. ‘Songs To Test By‘ includes 22 track featured in Portal 2.

Track Listing

  • 01. Science is Fun
  • 02. Concentration Enhancing Menu Initialiser
  • 03. 999999
  • 04. The Courtesy Call
  • 05. Technical Difficulties
  • 06. Overgrowth
  • 07. Ghost of Rattman
  • 08. Haunted Panels
  • 09. The Future Stars With You
  • 10. There She Is
  • 11. You Know Her
  • 12. The Friendly Faith Plate
  • 13. Acres of Broken Glass
  • 14. Love as a Construct
  • 15. I Saw a Deer Today
  • 16. Hard Sunshine
  • 17. I Am Different
  • 18. Adrenal Vapor
  • 19. Turret Wife Serenade
  • 20. I Made It All Up
  • 21. Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time
  • 22. Triple Laser Phase

As a bonus, you’ll also be able to grab 6 specially made ringtones with sound bytes from the game so you can annoy friends, family and even strangers.

Ringtone Listing

  • 01. Turret Wife Serenade
  • 02. Science is Fun
  • 03. The Friendly Faith Plate
  • 04. The Courtesy Call
  • 05. I Saw a Deer Today
  • 06. Comedy Equals Tragedy Plus Time

Available to download legally via the following link, each .mp3 format file is presented in 320kbps so you can hear all patent-pending rhythms to stimulate your auditory senses.

[SOURCE]: Songs to Test By

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