Portal 2 Multiplayer Skin – Preorder Bonus

Portal 2, developed and published by Valve was released on April 21st 2011 in Australia. Local retailers didn’t advertise a pre-order bonus or incentive being offered with the game so it came as quite a surprise when to receive a Portal 2 Multiplayer Skin.

Available exclusively through EB Games Australia and GameStop in other countries, the promotional unlock code card gains access to new roll cage skins for both Atlas and P-Body.

Only usable in co-op multi-player mode, the skins give the robot buddies a cosmetic upgrade giving the metal duo a little more character. The roll cage skins doesn’t grant any new abilities so is purely for the looks.

Given the Multi-player Skin wasn’t advertised and appears to have been a late inclusion, quantity was strictly limited on a first come first serve basis.

For those that missed out on the Pre-Order Bonus code, you can check out the skin in action below:

  • Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Publisher: Valve Corporation
  • Platform: Microsoft XBOX360, PC, Sony PlayStation 3
  • Genre(s): Science Fiction Puzzle-Platform Game
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) April 21 2011
  • Release Price: Free with Purchase of Portal 2 (Exclusive to EB Games)