Peter Molyneux to Present Keynote at Unite 2012, Amsterdam

Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools will be hosting veteran video games designer Peter Molyneux for a keynote presentation at the  Unite 2012 conference in Amsterdam.

If you happen to be in the area between August 22nd and August 24th 2012, head over to to secure your tickets during one of the available sessions.

Peter Molyneux to Present Keynote at Unite 2012, Amsterdam

Read below for more details on a brief bio of Peter Molyneux, along with what attendees can expect at Unite 2012 this year:

British born Peter Molyneux began his career as a video game designer in the early 80s and oversaw the development of many of gaming’s most treasured series including Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper, Black & White, and Fable. After serving many years as Creative Director of Microsoft Games Studios, he recently opened a new development studio, 22Cans, with the hope of finding more freedom to create and experiment with innovative new game experiences. 22Cans have adopted Unity as their development platform and tool set of choice since opening the studio.

“I am greatly looking forward to speaking at the Unite Conference. It’s an excellent opportunity to address developers from all facets of the games development community including those that are, like ourselves, independent developers looking to create wildly new experiences,” said Molyneux. “Unity has allowed 22Cans to prototype and release in a remarkably short time. I’m excited to share these experiences and potentially inspire attendees to use the fast iteration enabled with Unity to be creative, take chances, and design games that will in turn inspire others.”

The conference will kick off with an address from founders David Helgason, Nicholas Francis, and Joachim Ante in which they will comment on the state of the engine, tools, development community, and unveil new Unity initiatives and technology. Peter Molyneux will then take the stage to discuss the design philosophy behind 22Cans and how fast iteration can help create amazing new game experiences that can potentially push the industry in exciting new directions.

“At Unity we are lifelong fans of Peter Molyneux’s games, and I can’t wait to hear his thoughts on the evolution of the game industry,” said David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. “Peter is one of the coolest developers – and a great speaker – and we are extremely proud to count him amongst Unity users!”

Unite 2012, Unity’s annual developer conference, is a time for Unity experts, professionals, and beginners to come together to learn and exchange ideas about the best practices for using Unity while networking and creating valuable relationships within the industry.

In addition to the keynote, attendees can expect:

  • 40+ hours of information-packed sessions from Unity experts and employees
  • Headlining track sessions from highly respected developers such as inXile’s Brian Fargo, The Creative Assembly’s Renaud Charpentier, and Unity’s own Erland Korner and Jonas Echterhoff
  • Advanced technical sessions on performance optimizations, high-end rendering techniques, creating retargetable animation with Mecanim, advanced editor scripting, and cross-platform game design
  • The popular “Road Map and Wish List” session for all Unity developers
  • A serious games showcase
  • Hands-on lab time with Unity employees
  • Marketing help
  • Updates on Unity Technologies’ Asset Store digital content marketplace and Union game distribution service
  • Annual Unity Awards featuring the best content created with Unity
  • Unite party at the incredible Muziekgebouw

Unite 2012 will take place from August 22 – August 24 in Amsterdam and will be preceded by a Unity training day on August 21st, also in Amsterdam. To find out more info, please visit: