PAX Australia Coming to Melbourne in July 2013


Since PAX Australia news broke earlier in the month, the main question amongst the locals here in Australia is where PAX Australia will take place? Turns out we have a winner with Melbourne supposedly scoring the honour.

Early rumours suggested Queensland (host city of last year’s EB Expo) or possibly Sydney, given the strong presence of publishers, but it seems the cultural suburbia of Melbourne will be the hot destination come July.

PAX Australia Coming to Melbourne in July 2013

According to Kotaku who claim to have received a document detailing the event, PAX Australia will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds between July 19th to the 21st, 2013. Local organiser ReedPOP given the duty for piecing together the inaugural PAX event.

As a local Melbourne resident, the news is fantastic for me to hear since I won’t have to travel so far next year, at least for one event. What are your feelings on it?

[SOURCE]: PAX Australia Is Heading To Melbourne

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  • damn it why???????

    • Probably because Melbourne hasn’t had any major gaming events for awhile. It’s not that bad, is it? 🙂

      Whereabout do you live Patrick?