Paladins Keeper of Knowledge OB42 Patch

A champion, skin, and roosters!?

Last week Hi-Rez Studios released a patch update for Paladins, including a new champion, new skin and giant roosters.

Torvald the “Runic Sage” is the newest frontline champion to join the fray. He is both a scholar and a gentleman, and his gauntlet can channel a beam of runic energy. He is the 21st champion to join The Realm.


Pip’s new Rooster Brewster was released in celebration of Chinese New Year. The exclusive weapon updates Pip’s ult, Evil Mojo, and turns all enemies into giant roosters in celebration of the Year of the Rooster.


Viktor received a new skin collection, code named “Code Green.” The skins transform Viktor into one of four green plastic army men, reminiscent of the classic childhood toys.


Read the full patch notes here.

To learn more about the update or play Paladins, head to The game is currently in open beta and is free-to-play.