PageNet Company The Night Flier Coming To Mobile Gaming

Developed for iOS, Android, Symbian and Bada, PageNet Company‘s The Night Flier take the classic sider-scrolling flying adventure game and adds a refreshing modern twist with expanded gameplay to build upon a tried-and-true gaming formula.

The Night Flier is colourful with dynamic effects seeing players take control of a energetic bat setting off across the night sky. Steer your winged friend out of hazard and avoid dangerous obstacles standing in your way.

The aim of the game is to fly as far as possible scoring the maximum number of points. Utilising rich graphics and atmospheric background music creates a sense of danger and adds to the fun.

The Night Flier Mobile Game Screenshots
As you progress through the ten levels, the game becomes increasingly more difficult with rich content to explore.
Objects appear and shift allowing for The Night Flier to interact with them in different ways. Your bat will also change colour throughout level progression for a visual reward on each stage with extra levels to unlocks once all city locations have been opened.

Set your own personal records or compete against others to see who has the most bravado to achieve the highest score. Post your game results on Twitter and Facebook.

The Night Flier has an in-built store allowing for purchase of additional bonus items to improve your score when you need that little extra help to punch on through to the next level.

PageNet Company‘s The Night Flier will be gracing the Apple iOS store at the end of May, 2011 which Android, Symbian and Bada releases to follow. To keep up to date with the latest news and info on The Night Flier, check out their Facebook and Twitter page for updates.

Until then, check out the screenshots and video trailer below: