Okamiden Celestial Brush Stylus & Screen Wipe – Preorder Bonus

Okamiden, the spiritual successor to the innovative classic Okami hit Australian shores on March 17th 2011. Not only did Okamiden bring fresh gameplay and design, it also bought with it a Celestial Brush inspired stylus and screen wipe.

EB Games had exclusive access to the pre-order bonus items. Both pieces came in a plastic bag secured with staples.

Okamiden Stylus Screen Wipe EB Preorder Bonus
The stylus is molded to resemble the Celestial Brush from the game. Generously sized, the brush handle is orange in colour with the Okamiden logo printed on two sides. The end has a string tie to prevent it getting lost.

Stylus brush head is chunky and cute with a narrow tip for interaction with the touch screen on a DS console. The narrow tip makes the stylus prone to breakage so be extra careful not to push too hard when you’re swiping away.

Keeping your DS clean won’t be a problem with the bonus screen wipe. Printed with Okamiden artwork and made from soft fabric, the screen wipe is large enough to give your Nintendo DS a good once over.

Not available for sale and very limited to only those that pre-ordered. These items are long gone now so check out eBay if you really must have one.

The Celestial Brush stylus is perfect for emulatimg the feel of brush strokes, transporting you into the world of Okamiden!

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Genre(s): Action-Adventure
  • Release Date(s): (AUS) March 171 2011
  • Release Price: (AUS) Okamiden $58 with Celestial Brush Stylus & Screen Wipe (exclusive to EB Games)