No Man’s Sky Limited Edition & Australian Pre-order Bonuses

Sony has unveiled the No Man’s Sky Limited Edition for Australia and New Zealand, as well as a range of pre-order incentives ahead of it’s release date.

No Mans Sky Limited Edition

Available exclusively through EB Games in Australia, the No Man’s Sky Limited Edition includes:

  • Steelbook Case – Including No Man’s Sky PS4 Game
  • 48 page Art Book
  • Exclusive comic by Dave Gibbons, James Swallow & Angus Mckie
  • Starter Kit
  • Photonix Core Ship Boost
  • Trader Charisma
  • Bonus Resource
  • Boltcaster 5M
  • Weapons Blueprint
  • Dynamic PS4 Theme

Priced at $114.95, you can place your pre-order online here, or head in-store to place a pre-order over the counter. [UPDATE]: SOLD OUT!

Asides from the stylish Limited Edition release, No Man’s Sky will also come with a range of pre-order incentives depending on which retailer you order from.

Pre-order the standard or limited edtion at EB Games and you’ll also receive the exclusive bonus Alpha Vector Attack Ship. This bonus appears to be only available at EB Games in Australia.

No Mans Sky Alpha Vector Attack Ship

JB Hi-Fi will be offering an upgraded Rezosu Z65 Multi-tool and 10,000 units to give you a head start. This bonus is available with a pre-order of the No Man’s Sky standard edition. You can place a pre-order online here at AU$89 $79.

No Mans Sky JB Hi Fi Preorder Bonus

Brief description of each incentive below:

  • Upgraded Rezosu Z65 Multi-tool
    On hostile planets, self-defense and powerful offense is important. The Rezosu Z65 multi-tool comes with the plasma upgrade pre-installed, helping you to stay safe and mine resources faster as you explore the infinite unknown frontier.
  • A 10,000 unit starting boost
    Your journey will be filled with danger but 10,000 units will give you a head start in your race to the center of the universe. Use your units to buy faster ships and better weapons, or purchase exotic resources.

Online retailer MightyApe will also be offering the standard edition. Priced at AU$78, you’ll receive a copy of the game, plus the Rezosu Z65 Multi-tool, 10000 Units, a No Man’s Sky Pin Badge, and a No Man’s Sky Poster.


If you’re only after the standard edition, MightyApe has the best deal on offer for your buck. You can place a pre-order for the game here. [UPDATE 09/08/16]: Pre-order bonuses appear to no longer be available through MightyApe.

A few other retailers have the standard edition for sale as well as listed below:

  • Gamesmen: N/A
  • Dungeon Crawl: N/A
  • OzGameShop: $78.99 (Import)

Best deal on offer is through JB Hi-Fi. Not only will you get the game on release but a pre-order bonus in the process. Alternatively, you may be able to get EB Games to price-match if you prefer the ship bonus instead.

No Man’s Sky will be released across Australia on June 22nd August 10th, 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PC. Happy travels!