No Man’s Sky 7 Things To Do In Your First 5 Hours

So if you haven’t noticed the general excitement around social media, No Man’s Sky is out today on PlayStation 4.


With many would-be galactic explorers venturing into the unknown, PlayStation have released a new trailer with early tips on what to do during your first 5 hours of play.

There’s 7 key points to get you on your merry way that you can take a look at here:

Of course, Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky is designed to let each adventurer explore at their own pace.

Still perplexed by all the hype? Check out the launch trailer to answer some of your questions.

No Man’s Sky is out now for PlayStation 4, with the PC release due out August 13th, 2016. Looking for the cheapest copy in Australia? Check out our bargain guide of what’s available and where.