Nintendo Releases Lifesize AR Mii Pics Card Redeemable Via Stars Catalogue

Club Nintendo Australia have released their newest addition to the Stars Catalogue, a lifesize AR Mii pics cards. Redeemable for 750 star points, 3DS owners will be able to take happy snaps of Mii characters via the ‘Mii Pics in ‘AR Games’. Measuring at 73cm x 46cm, this AR card is one big daddy of Augmented Reality card collecting.

Nintendo Lifesize AR Mii Card
The reverse side features a Mario AR Card print that can be used for ‘Star Pics’.

Given the large size, the AR card will arrive folded with a crease down the middle (boo) however its all good. It won’t affect the photography at all. Head over to the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue to purchase one today!