Nintendo Announce Shimmer Pink and Cerulean Blue 3DS

Nintendo will be once again adding to their never-ending console rainbow, with two new colours making their way to Taiwan and Hong Kong; Cerulean Blue and Shimmer Pink. OOooo prettiful.


More vibrant than their pearl pink and aqua blue predecessors, the new colours will be launching in September alongside the 3DS XL console. For Nintendo’s 3DS XL release, the console will come in a variety of colours (depending on the region), including white; red x black; silver x black; and blue x black.

At this stage there is no news as to whether these particularly vibrant console colours will be making their way across the waters; for now Australians will have to make do with the last year’s Lavender Pink, and North America with it’s every so fancy Midnight Purple.

Source: Tiny Cartridge

Jess Watson


Jess Watson

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