Nights Into Dreams HD Announced

It has been 16 years to the day since Nights dragged us into the dream world in the Sega Saturn title Nights Into Dreams. Much to the delight of fans, SEGA have marked this occasion by announcing the game will be getting a HD remake.

Although the original game may have been well before the time of today’s young gamers, its story can certainly be appreciated as it epitomizes the intriguing, child-like tales of the games of old. The story of Nights Into Dreams takes place in a world where the evil ruler of Nightmare is stealing the energy from people’s dreams; One of the creatures he creates to aid his evil scheme, the Nightmaren called NiGHTS rebelled against him, but the poor protagonist is unfortunately imprisoned. Then when two young children’s dreams are taken over by nightmares, they act to release NiGHTs and together begin a journey to restore peace to Nightopia.

A cult classic, Nights Into Dreams with major fansites rallying for its renewal. Well today is the day when dreams come true (oh ho ho), as SEGA reveal that Nights Into Dreams will be coming to XBLA, the PSN and PC this Fall (Aus Spring). Check out the newly released screenshots and trailer below. Sweet dreams are made of these my friends.