New Final Fantasy XIII-2 Book: Fragments Before

Square Enix has revealed new merchandise on the Japanese Square Enix e-store for the latest in everybody’s favourite JRPG series; Final Fantasy XIII-2. Now in addition to the Episode I novella available for preordering with Game or EB Games, fan’s will soon be able to get their hands on a postcard book and the additional novella Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before.

First up the postcard book will be set for ¥1,260 which is around A$15.60 (although if it ever retails in Australia you can count on it being much higher). It will include 8 pages of character introductions, as well as 24 post cards featuring CG illustrations of the game’s characters.

The second book, titled Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments Before has been written by the same author as the Episode-I novella available with preorders; Jun Eishima. It has also been supervised by Motomu Toriyama and Daisuke Watanabe. This 232-page book is set prior to the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and is centered around several of the game’s characters. It will also include additional information and stories that players will not experience in the Final Fantasy XIII-2 game, including:

  • Serah: Memories of the year AF0 (the year of  the FFXIII events)
  • New Bodhum: A story of the year AF3 (3 year following the events of  the FFXIII)
  • Snow: The story of his departure
  • Rygdea & Bartholomew: The creation of a provisional government, and the secret history of the founding of the Academy
  • Noel: The end of the world, a period of uncertainty

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to cost ¥1,470, which is approximately A$18. Both books will be available through the Japanese store on December 15 2011, the same day as the game’s Japanese release.

Episode i will be available for those who preorder the Final Fantasy XIII-2 with Eb Games or Game.