NBA 2K12 Retro Air Jordans Unlock; Old School Kicks

If you liked the look of the old style Air Jordans featured in NBA 2K11, you’re in luck. 2K Games have the retro kicks available to access in NBA 2K12, and it won’t involve you having to win a Championship or performing Michael Jordan-esque feats to earn your new sneakers.

To unlock your personal selection of Retro Jordans, simply open the menu and go down to ‘extras’. Select ‘codes’, key in ’23’ and you’re done. Save your settings and head to the Foot Locker 2K Shoes to pick your favourite retro style from ‘His Airness’.

Thanks goes to for finding out the secret unlock. You can check out the shoes in question via the video below:

[SOURCE]: Video: How to Unlock Retro Jordan’s in NBA 2K12