Natsume’s Al-Packin’! Preorder Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns for an Alpaca Plushie

On the weekend, Natsume put up a Facebook picture with an assortment of plushie farm animals with a promise to reveal the pre-order bonus plushie for Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns once the post received enough “likes”.

Harvest Moon Basket of Plushies
Almost 400 ‘likes’ later prompted Natsume to announce their latest animal to the farming menagerie, the fluffiest of fluffs, an Alpaca.

Harvest Moon Alpaca Preorder PlushieMoon
The Alpaca Plushie will be available as a preorder bonus for Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns however no preorder offer has been put online yet and there is no word on which lucky retailer will be making the Alpaca plush available.

My bet is GameStop will get this incentive bonus and hopefully Australia won’t be forgotten. I’m sure many will pre-order purely for the Alpaca alone, or possibly purchase it by itself if Natsume were to make it available for sale.

Will bring more news as soon as more details come to hand.