Naruto SD Powerful Shippuuden brings Super Cute Ninjas to the 3DS

Ninjas; it is a well known fact that they are silent, deadly and… adorable? The characters from the popular series Naruto Shippuuden are getting condensed into bite-sized ninjas, for their next outing on the Nintendo 3DS; Naruto SD Powerful Shippuuden.


In Naruto SD the initials stand for ‘super deformed’, a reference to the iconic Japanese ‘chibi’ art style which depicts characters in a disproportion child-like form. The game focuses upon the exploits of title-character Naruto Uzumaki as well as the much-loved Rock Lee. Unfortunately at this stage any details of the story’s focus remain hidden, but we hope the pint-sized fighter will still pack a punch.

Check out the latest screenshots and first Japanese trailer below.


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