Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Encyclopedia Gigantica Press Kit

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is an expansion version of Monster Hunter Freedom 2 released in Japan, 2008. The game features additional content not previously available in Monster Hunter Freedom 2.

For promotional purposes, a beautifully presented Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Encyclopedia Gigantica Press Kit was created and given to members of the media.

What exactly is Encyclopedia Gigantica? To help new comers and veterans of the Monster Hunter series, Capcom set up a website called Encyclopedia Gigantica that is essentially a resource hub loaded with  information about the world of Monster Hunter. The hard cardboard outer case is based on the encyclopedia seen on the website. It has the same design and is made to look like a thick reference guide.

Special attention was taken with the outer cardboard with a raised texture coating to give an illusion the Press Kit is made from the hide of a monster straight out of the Monster Hunter universe.

Lifting the cover off the top outer cardboard reveals a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Quick Start Reference Guide with 10-pages of information including an introduction, how to get started, key locations, quest basics and controls in full colour. Highly detailed with loads of  info to help players get started.

Underneath the Quick Start Guide is a black cardboard insert with a promo copy of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite in UMD format with special promo cover slip and plastic jacket. Lifting the inside insert reveals a cute Japanese Monster Hunter Festa dangler charm to decorate your keys or mobile phone.

The Monster Hunter series is hugely popular and Capcom went all out with the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Encyclopedia Gigantica Press Kit, really capturing the essence of the game in a high quality unique design.

Extremely rare to come by as researching for this write-up produced little to no information of its existence. If you ever see the Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Encyclopedia Gigantica Press Kit out there in the wild world, capture it before someone else does!

Contents: Encyclopedia Gigantica Hard Cardboard Case (removable top cover), Full Version Promo UMD Game, Promo UMD Cover, Plastic Holder, Monster Hunter Keyring, Black Cardboard Insert, 10-Page Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Quick Start Guide.

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation Portable
  • Genre(s):Action Role-Playing Game
  • Release Date(s): (EU) June 26 2009, (JP) March 27 2008, (NA) June 23 2009
  • Release Price: N/A