Metro: Last Light Ranger Edition; EB Exclusive

Metro: Last Light touches down this May and luckily for us here in Australia and New Zealand, Metro: Last Light will be available in a limited Ranger Edition release.

Metro: Last Light Ranger Edition; EB Exclusive

Exclusively available through EB Games, the Ranger Edition comes with:

  • Metro: Last Light game
  • Ranger Mode – Experience complete immersion. No HUD. Less Bullets. Brutal Combat. Hardcore. The way it was meant to be played
  • Modified Russian Rifle – A compact but deadly Russian assault rifle perfect for claustrophobic combat.
  • Metro 2033 Novel – The novel behind Metro: Last Light
  • Extra Military Grade Bullets – coveted for their ability to kill, these bullets are also the currency of the Metro. Will you use them in battle or purchase precious resources? The choice is yours.

For those unaware, the original Metro 2033 was based on the novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, so for those interested in catching up on the backstory, the included novel is a perfect starting point. Glukhovsky is also responsible for all the dialogue featured in Metro: Last Light.

Recommended for Metro veterans, Ranger Mode offers the ultimate challenge, featuring a HUD-free display for increased immersion, deadlier combat, and dramatically limited resources such as ammunition and gas mask filters.

Players who dare to rise to the challenge will benefit from a unique Ranger load out, including an exclusive weapon, the Russian AK-SU, and be rewarded with additional 100 military grade rounds with which to customise their starting equipment.

Metro: Last Light goes on sale in Australia & New Zealand from May 16th, 2013 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. Orders can be placed through the link below:

EB Games – Metro: Last Light Ranger Edition (Xbox 360, PS3 – $88 AUD) (PC – $78 AUD)