Metal Gear Solid RISK

Hasbro, the friendly board game makers behind the classic game Risk, have once again brought us a shiny special edition in the form of Metal Gear Solid Risk.

In the 21st century, war is privatized, financed by national leaders, and fought by mercenaries. Five private military companies (PMC) have risen to power, going to battle for the highest bidder. Now, you can command your own PMC in RISK®: Metal Gear Solid®! Acquire black market weapons and use your stealth skills to conquer territories around the world as you fight for victory.

The game features 275 character pieces which form the five PMCs, neutral armies and cities. There are also card representing territories, bosses, rewards and so forth.  The playing field is similar to RISK (well, more similar than the Halo Edition) consisting of six zones and 42 territories but also with an Outer Haven battleship!.

There are going to be two versions; the Limited edition and Collectors editions. The Limited edition features custom package artwork by Yoji Shinkawa (THE Metal Gear Solid Art Director) and there will be only 2,014 of them made. BUT unfortunately for us Aussies it’s only available on the US site which also only ships to the US.

The Collectors edition, which we will likely see in the future, is the same game but alas for us, it’s not quite as pretty and simply features the game characters on the packaging.


The Limited edition will be available for US preorder and ships in October, so presumably the Collectors editions will be released soon after.