25th Anniversary Mega Man Music E-Can Announced for Japan

A lot of classic games are coming up to significant age milestones, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mega Man (also known as Rockman) Capcom Japan are releasing a Limited Edition E Can filled with music from the hit series.

Designed to look like the famous E Can and dubbed the ‘Rock Can’ the pack contains a full colour booklet and 10 disks covering the music from Meg Man 1 – 10. Plus the music for games 1- 6 including both tracks from Playstation and Famicon versions.

The Collectible E Can is going to be an E-Capcom exclusive, retailing at ¥14,700 and set to release on September 19, 2012. So true Mega Man fans, it’s either time to start harassing your friends in Japan or prepare for some serious ebaying. You know what to do.

Source: The Mega Man Network